Advantages of Steel


Here are CB Building Contractors, we use steel as the frame of our buildings. By doing so this leads to many benefits, firstly,  steel has the strongest strength-to-weight ratio for building material, this is approximately 40% lighter than wood. Which is why when building with  steel, the total building weight is much lower than other buildings. Especially when you compare them to bulky concrete buildings. Steel also prevents fires from spreading as no wood is used. Steel has a long life span as it does not rot like wood does overtime and it can lead to an accelerated building schedule as the frames can be built before construction starts.



Advantages of Light steel framing vs blockwork

Using Steel also helps to cut down costs as it requires a light foundation. Steel does not get affected by mold and termites and this reduces any future problems. As the steel work is done beforehand, the overall cost of labour to assemble the building together will be cut as it is fast to put together.

Cost Savings:

CB Building Johannesburg



  • Revenue developing faster
  • Lower insurance rates
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Using sustainable products
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • A smaller building footprint with higher density
  • Lower foundation costs
  • Less risk & exposure


  • Open spans and design concepts
  • More floor and wall options
  • Lighter materials
  • A system that works with any weather condition
  • Certified & UL-tested products
  • LEED certified products
  • Great STC and IIC properties
  • Non-combustible solution


  • Your buildings get built faster
  • A one stop shop
  • Our team approach w/ value engineering
  • Trade-friendly materials and concepts
  • Less risk with non-combustible products
  • Less maintenance
  • Less expensive materials
  • Products that are pre-built to save time